Griffith Park Pterosaurs Three “dragons” and a “pterosaur” were observed within ten weeks, just east of Griffith Park in Los Angeles Contact:                                                       KSN News Release Jonathan Whitcomb 5347 South New Hampton Dr. Murray, Utah 84123                     Press Room on Live Pterosaurs PHONE: 801 590-9692 EMAIL Dragon Hunting in Southern California  Blog: Live Pterosaur Twitter - Jonathan Whitcomb For Immediate Release LONG BEACH, Calif/KSN/May 25, 2013 --- Devin Rhodriquez was driving north on Interstate-5, near Griffith Park in Los Angeles, when she was startled to see something strange gliding over the freeway, unlike any bird, more like a “pterosaur.” At 4:00 p.m. on Monday, May 13, 2013, the northbound freeway traffic near the Los Feliz exit was at about 30 m.p.h., allowing the eyewitness to observe a few details on what flew overhead. It appeared to fly 75-100 feet high, heading northeast slowly, towards Glendale. Rhodriquez reported her encounter to the nonfiction-cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb: “I’m almost positive what I saw fly over the freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind. . . . I'd love to find out if what I saw could be a pterosaur.” She also said, “I did see its head crest and the membranous charcoal gray/teal undertone skin. No feathers, & the wings were pointed and never flapped. It glided through the air with its wings in an arched position. . . . The first thing that caused me to double take at it was its unusual shape & the positioning of its wing (arched). Quickly after that, I noticed its head crest and its skin. Not a feather in sight.” Whitcomb, of Long Beach, California, has published reports of many sightings of apparent pterosaurs, including encounters in Los Angeles County. The May 13th sighting near Griffith Park reminded him of a similar report: three “dragons” above that same stretch of freeway two months earlier, flying in a different direction at a different time of day. The woman who had observed those three creatures, on March 3, 2013, chose to be anonymous in Whitcomb’s publications; he calls her “CGP.” The three flying creatures seen on March 3rd, according to CGP, were “several feet long, with a head:body:tail ratio that was certainly not that of a bird. Their wings were long, angular and pointed and their tails had triangular points.” That earlier sighting was near the Colorado Street offramp from the northbound I-5. Whitcomb concluded that the two sightings, less than two miles apart, were of the same species, a flying creature that he calls the “California ropen.” He has documented other reports of similar apparent pterosaurs observed near some storm channels in Los Angeles County. In a backyard in Lakewood, just a few feet from a storm channel, at about noon, on June 19, 2012, a lady saw a “dragon-pterodactyl” perched on a telephone line. The lady had a good view of the tail, before the creature flew away. That tail was about four feet long, ending in a triangular point, which was about eighteen feet from the end of that lady’s nose. In her report to Whitcomb, she was sure the creature had no feathers. Whitcomb believes the apparent pterosaurs in Southern California are uncommon, mostly nocturnal, and related to the ropen of Papua New Guinea, where he interviewed native eyewitnesses in 2004. He speculates they fly through storm channels in Los Angeles County at night, feeding on rats and possums and whatever they can find around those channels.   ### KSN News Release Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition, will take you on a journey across the USA, with astonishing eyewitness encounters with flying creatures unlike any birds or bats known to science: modern pterosaurs U.S. Marine Eskin C. Kuhn drew a sketch within minutes of his 1971 sighting of the two “pterodactyls” that he reportedly encountered at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The head crest is clearly visible here. Although Jonathan Whitcomb prefers to interview eyewitness by emails and phone calls, in 2004 he explored Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, interviewing  native eyewitnesses of a flying creature called, in the Kovai language, “ropen” Patty Carson, of Riverside, California, drew this sketch of the flying creature she had observed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1965, an image similar to the sketch drawn by the eyewitness Eskin C. Kuhn, who saw two of them while he was a Marine at Gitmo in 1971. Both sightings were in clear daylight. The Los Angeles River, just south of where Devin Rhodriquez saw the “pterosaur” flying over the I-5 on May 13, 2013, at 4:00 p.m.