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Pterosaurs Alive in Australia
A new nonfiction book discloses why many biologists in Western countries have failed to consider accumulating eyewitness reports of modern living pterosaurs, including those observed in Australia
Contact:                                                       KSN News Release Jonathan Whitcomb 5347 South New Hampton Drive Murray, Utah  84123                       Press Room on Live Pterosaurs PHONE: 801 590-9692 EMAIL Web Page: Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea Blog: Live Pterosaur Twitter - Jonathan Whitcomb For Immediate Release LONG BEACH, Calif/KSN/Oct 4, 2012 --- According to the American nonfiction cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb, modern pterosaurs live not only in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea, but in various parts of Australia. In his book Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, he explains: “. . . in 2010 the lady forwarded me an email that she had received from another eyewitness: a lady in Queensland. . . . Kathy was driving [at about 8:30] at night, with her thirteen-year-old daughter, when the huge creature flew over the car: "’We both saw it appear from the side of the road as a black big shape moving fast. The wings were so big. Black bat leather like.’" According to the author, the problem with negative Western reactions to reports of living pterosaurs lies in dogmatic assumptions held by many biologists. In his book, Whitcomb explains how the universal-pterosaur- extinction idea first began to became entrenched in Western culture: “The first discovery of a pterosaur fossil by a Western scientist, in 1784, was decades before Charles Darwin began writing about his ideas on extinctions and evolution. Before Darwin, Western scientists had assumed that all species of pterosaurs were extinct for a simple reason: Those who discovered the fossils had no experience with any similar animal that was living. “Also important, probably no scientist at that time had considered that a few species of pterosaurs might still be alive, rarely seen because they're both uncommon and nocturnal. Today, some cryptozoologists believe that one or more of their species are indeed uncommon and nocturnal---and still alive.” Later the author referred to undisciplined skepticism: “My experience with outspoken skeptics of living-pterosaur investigations leads me to believe that many of them would reject anything short of one overwhelming piece of direct evidence. No combination of accumulating evidences can convince them that a species of modern pterosaur lives. “Some skeptics appear incapable of adding one plus one plus one . . . preferring to round off each "one" to zero so that the total is zero. And anything appearing to be of greater value than "one" (but less than about a hundred) they assume to be some error, making it also zero. “In other words, some skeptics assume that they would be converted to believing in a modern living pterosaur if someone presented to them the body of a recently deceased one, but no number of eyewitnesses of such a living creature could ever convince them. What a pity to disbelieve in the existence of honest intelligent humans!” Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea is now available for free: Download the pdf book into your computer or other device. Author and publisher: Jonathan David Whitcomb (September 10, 2012) ### KSN News Release — KnowSomeNews is not associated in any way with KSN-TV of Kansas or with any other television or radio news station, in the USA or elsewhere, that may use the letters “KSN.”
Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, was published in Sep, 2012, now in a FREE downloadable pdf format
Jonathan David Whitcomb, author of three nonfiction cryptozoology books on living pterosaurs, including the free pdf book on important sightings in Australia and Papua New Guinea
Table of Contents in the nonfiction book by Whitcomb: Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea
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