A Psychologist saw a Living Pterosaur, According to American Author Jonathan Whitcomb  A prehistoric-looking creature flies over an island in Papua New Guinea, according to the psychologist Brian Hennessy, who witnessed the apparent pterosaur in daylight, on Bougainville Island, in 1971 The original news release, dated June 8, 2007, was published by PRFree and on EWorldWire. This revised version is expanded, with updated contact information. Contact:                                                                       KSN News Release Jonathan Whitcomb 5347 South New Hampton Drive Murray, UT 84123 PHONE: 801 590-9692 EMAIL FORM PDF of this press release is not yet available Web Page: Ropens Blog: Live Pterosaur For Immediate Release LONG BEACH, Calif/KSN/June 5, 2012 --- A psychologist who sometimes works for the Chongqing University of Medical Sciences in Central China has declared that he saw a prehistoric-looking creature flying in New Guinea. Brian Hennessy described, to an American cryptozoologist, the strange flying creature as black or dark brown with a beak "indistinguishable from the head." One morning on Bougainville Island, (now part of the nation of Papua New Guinea), on a dirt road leading down to the coast, Hennessy heard a slow "flapping" and looked up to see a "very big" creature with a "horn" at the back of its head. It had a “longish narrow tail,” and there was "not a feather in sight." Thirty-five years later, in 2006, a brother-in-law of Hennessy referred him to Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction cryptozoology book "Searching for Ropens," who interviewed him by email. The account was thereafter added to the second edition of the book, published the following year. Until he had spoken with his brother-in-law, Hennessy knew nothing of ropen expeditions, searches for living pterosaurs. (Whitcomb's book tells about Americans explorers who had investigated flying creatures described like living pterosaurs, commonly called "pterodactyls.") The psychologist also had known nothing about the many native-names for giant flying creatures. One of the names is "ropen." Whitcomb was fascinated by similarities between Hennessy's description of a “prehistoric looking” creature and a World War II veteran’s description of a “pterodactyl” reported 500 miles to the west, near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea, decades before. In 1944, Duane Hodgkinson, now a flight instructor in Montana, saw a giant "prehistoric" creature flying over a jungle clearing where he and his army buddy was about to walk across. Two years before interviewing the psychologist, Whitcomb had interviewed Hodgkinson. After the second interview, the cryptozoologist realized that both the American veteran and the psychologist had probably seen the same type of flying creature: a dark winged animal with a long tail but no sign of feathers. Both men said "prehistoric." Whitcomb showed Hennessy an organized group of sketches for determining head shape, including general details about the beak and the head appendage. A similar questionnaire had been given to Hodgkinson two years earlier. Whitcomb drew sketches based on Hennessy's and Hodgkinson’s answers, concluding that they had seen the same type of creature, very possibly, but not necessarily, the same species. Whitcomb's books declare that nocturnal Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs live in Papua New Guinea and that they are larger than Rhamphorhynchoid fossils so far discovered. Hodgkinson made it clear: The size was similar to a "Piper Tri-Pacer airplane," which has a twenty- nine-foot wingspan. Hennessy’s flying creature was above him, with no reference that would have made it possible to have made an accurate estimate of size. Whitcomb believes that the creatures are nocturnal but that they are sometimes awakened by noise in daylight: In 1944, a wild pig running through a jungle clearing; and in 1971, a noisy truck driving on a dirt road, for the daylight sightings by Hodgkinson and Hennessy. Whitcomb also sometimes writes about the relationship between scientific and religious axioms and how they relate to the existence of living pterosaurs. Learn more at: 'http://www.ropens.com/hennessy' ### KSN News Release Jonathan Whitcomb (left) usually interviews eyewitnesses, but here he is being interviewed, in May of 2012, for a Canadian TV talk show Brian Hennessy---an Australian psychologist, often working in China Comparing the heads of the flying creatures seen by Hodgkinson  (below) and Hennessy (above) Extinct or not