Was a Pterodactyl Shot During the American Civil War?

By cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah Much confusion has come from publicity involving two photographs that, on the surface, greatly resemble each other. The following shows them side by side for comparison: Figure-1: Authentic original photograph on the left and the recent hoax-photo on the right The one on the left, labeled “Ptp,” […]

Live Pterosaurs Versus Extinct Woodpeckers

Norman Huntington (a pseudonym used by American author Jonathan Whitcomb), a writer on a cryptozoology blog, contends that sightings of apparent pterosaurs in Cuba, in the 1960′s and 1970′s, are not from misidentified woodpeckers. He was replying to another cryptozoology post, by a Dale Drinnon, in which extinct woodpeckers were suggested as an explanation for the […]

Space Shuttle Discovery Flies to Smithsonian

America’s Space Shuttle Discovery flew over the nation’s capital on April 17, to retire to its final resting place at the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex. Its final “flight” (piggy-backed) is dwarfed by its flight mileage in space: according to one source, it flew 148 million miles, more than the distance […]

Tracking Pterodactyls

From an Orange County Weekly blog post: Author Tracks Pterodactyls Among Us “Jonathan Whitcomb is actually based in Long Beach, where as a cryptozoology author he offers an explanation of the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas, and Papua New Guinea. Human inhabitants in both places have observed in the sky balls of light that seem […]

Pterosaur Sightings in Cuba

(KSN News) On May 3, 2011, Patty Carson reported her 1965 encounter with a strange flying creature at the Guantanamo Bay military station in Cuba, the same area where U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn reported his encounter with two “pterodactyls” in 1971. Eskin Kuhn, 1971 In the words of the artist who sketched the two pterosaurs […]