China Talks With India

Broad minded communication could help heal old wounds as leaders of the two most-populous countries in the world met in December, 2010. (People Forum) Premier Wen arrived [in India] with some 400 Chinese business leaders in fields ranging from banking to real estate. . . . [China and India] cooperate in many areas and make great efforts to […]

Chinese Leader Surprised by Jet Test

During the visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, appeared surprised to learn that the Chinese military had just conducted a test of their new stealth fighter. (NY Times, Jan 11, 2011) Staging the test flight of the long-secret J-20 while Mr. Gates was in Beijing amounted to an unusually bold show […]

Home-Grown Innovators Wanted in China

(msnbc) Creating a new generation of higher-skilled workers is both a means and an end for China’s ambitious development plan. With wages rising for low-skilled factory jobs, Chinese leaders say they need to expand the base of higher-paying jobs and create the highly trained work force needed to fill those jobs.