Chess does not take a holiday in Holladay, Utah (by chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb)

At least when school is in session, the royal game does not take a holiday in this community up against the mountain foothills in the eastern Salt Lake Valley. It’s no news that chess has been promoted at Morningside school, with active annual participation in Utah’s state elementary school championship. Chess instructor Jonathan Whitcomb, who photographed […]

Two Chess Books for Advanced Players

Modern Chess Openings (14th edition) versus Fundamental Chess Openings These two large books on chess openings are both broad in their coverage. They include the following openings (but are not at all limited to them): Alekhine Defense Austrian Attack (Pirc) Benoni Bishop’s Opening Blumenfeld Counter Gambit Cambridge Springs Variation Caro-Kann Defense Catalan Opening Center Game […]

New Method in a Chess Book for Beginners

How does an average non-genius learn how to win a game of chess? The tradition method for a beginner is quite simple: Play chess games and learn by experience. Reading a chess book is the second most popular way for a novice to learn, but that does not usually work as well, for most chess […]

Another Voice for the Benefits of Chess for Children

Susan Polgar, a former Women’s World Chess Champion, has said: “According to research, [academic] test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities.” She has been promoting chess for children for many years in the United States, a nation […]

Chess Benefits New York City Children

The New York City Schools Chess Program Report “The New York City Schools Chess Program Report is impressive, here is what Chrisine Palm writes in1990. In its four-year existence, NYCHESS has proven that:” “a. Chess instills in young players a sense of self-confidence and self-worth b. Chess dramatically improves a child’s ability to think rationally […]