Live Pterodactyls in Texas?

(KSN) According to the cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb, on November 20, 2010, two eyewitnesses in the Dallas, Texas, area observed “a ropen or pterosaur” flying overhead. One witness said:

“. . . just happened to look up at the full moon to see what we at first thought
was a huge bird. However it was soo high in the sky there is no way it could
have been a bird of that size. It was extremely large, with a tail and a wing
span of around 20 feet.”

That was not the first reported sighting of a living pterosaur in Texas.

Brownsville, Texas, Sighting of 1995 (Texas pterosaur)

“[The flying creature] looked like a . . . tall man . . . [He] turned and I realized that this man didn’t have a face like a man at all!  I froze in fear trying to figure out what I was staring at . . . I was so scared . . . [it] stared right at me with its large black eyes and walked closer to me . . .  [The creature] somehow looked like a pterodactyl . . .  I ran into my house and slammed the sliding glass door behind me . . .”

No Caffeine in Chocolate

Many web sites state that chocolate contains caffeine, albeit in small amounts. But a scientific study shows otherwise.

(xocoatl) The Biochemist, (Apr/May 1993, p 15) did chemical composition tests where they specifically distinguished between Caffeine and Theobromine. They found regularly up to 1.3% by weight Theobromine in Chocolate. They also found other pharmacologically active compounds including up to 2.20% Phenylethylamine up to 1.54% Tele- methylhistamine and occasionally up to 5.82% Serotonin. They could not detect any Caffeine at all.

Fat Chance for a Thinner World

One could assume that the United States would top the world-wide list for obesity, but no: The tiny island nation of Nauru has 95% of its population obese. The U. S. comes in at # 8 with 79%.

(Global Post) Global trends toward urban environments and a reduction in back-breaking, or even simply strenuous, labor mean we aren’t burning as many calories as our . . . ancestors. And the new global food chain provides an abundance of soda and potato chips, meat and butter compared to traditional diets, which were based on less calorie- and fat-dense foods. To make matters worse, junk food is often cheaper than fruits and vegetables.

North Korea Attacks An Island

(Wall Street Journal) On Thursday, some residents returned to assess the damage on the battered island, which lies about 10 kilometers south of the North Korean coast and is also home to a South Korean marine base. Most of the 1,200 civilian inhabitants had been evacuated the day before. The North’s barrage Tuesday—a rare blow falling on civilian targets—delivered a serious jolt to South Koreans, many of whom had come to discount the possibility of serious violence after living for decades with belligerent rhetoric from the North.

Giant Flying Creature in Spain

In Barcelona and surrounding areas in Spain, in 1990, a large or giant flying creature was reported by a number of eyewitnesses. Now some cryptozoologists and others are trying to explain what happened.

(Cryptomundo) The twentieth anniversary of an unusual and highly original case within Spanish cryptozoology took place a few months ago. In June 1990, a giant bird decided to frighten—with its imposing presence and unpleasant crowing—a sizeable number of Barcelona’s residents. . . . According to eyewitness accounts, the bird ranged as far away as 100 kilometers distant from Barcelona. . . . with a wingspan of between 3 and 15 meters, making loud crowing sounds in three different tones, and whose membranous wings were reminiscent of a prehistoric pterodactyl.