Two Chess Books for Advanced Players

Modern Chess Openings (14th edition) versus Fundamental Chess Openings

These two large books on chess openings are both broad in their coverage. They include the following openings (but are not at all limited to them):

  • Alekhine Defense
  • Austrian Attack (Pirc)
  • Benoni
  • Bishop’s Opening
  • Blumenfeld Counter Gambit
  • Cambridge Springs Variation
  • Caro-Kann Defense
  • Catalan Opening
  • Center Game
  • Danish Gambit
  • Dutch Defense
  • English Opening
  • Evan’s Gambit
  • Four Knights Game
  • French Defense
  • Giuoco Piano (Italian Opening)
  • Grunfeld Defense
  • Hedgehog System (of the English Opening)
  • King’s Gambit (Accepted and Declined)
  • Latvian Gambit (Greco Counter Gambit)
  • Max Lange Attack
  • Muzio Gambit (of the King’s Gambit)
  • Nimzo-Indian Defense
  • Petroff Defense (AKA Petrov’s Defense)
  • Pirc Defense
  • Queen’s Gambit (Accepted and Declined)
  • Reti Opening
  • Ruy Lopez (Spanish Game)
  • Scotch Opening
  • Slav and Semi-Slav
  • Stonewall Variation (of the Dutch Defense)
  • Three Knights Game
  • Torre Attack
  • Two Knights Defense
  • Vienna Game

Modern Chess Openings (MCO)

As of November 2, 2015, it has 38 customer reviews on Amazon:

34% five-stars

39% four-stars

16% three-stars

8% two-stars

3% one-star

Fundamental Chess Openings (FCO)

As of November 2, 2015, it has 62 customer reviews on Amazon:

55% five-stars

32% four-stars

7% three-stars

6% one-star


The Amazon readers reviews appear to favor FCO over MCO. Combine the top two ratings (those with favorable reviews):

MCO=73% and FCO=87% — that favors FCO

Combine the lowest two ratings (those with poor opinions of the books):

MCO=11% and FCO=6% — that favors FCO



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