Scientific Dating and Young Dinosaurs

A number of pieces of dinosaur bones found in North America have been dated in recent years. So how many millions of years old are those fossils? Well, they’re not actually that old, apparently, dated at tens of thousands of years old, according to carbon-14 testing.

Scientific dating that shows that some dinosaurs are young? Precisely.

What kinds of dinosaurs?

  1. Acrocanthosaurus (as recent as 23,760 + 270 years ago)
  2. Allosaurus (living 31,360 + 100 years before present)
  3. Apatosaurus (living only 38,250 + 160 years ago)
  4. Hadrosaurus (as little as 22,380 + 800 years BP)
  5. Triceratops (alive as little as 24,340 + 70 years ago)

Where are Young Dinosaurs Bones Found?

The fossils dated by C-14 were excavated in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and Texas.

Details of the Carbon-14 Dating

Between 2007 and 2011, the Paleochronology group sent eleven dinosaur bone samples to be carbon-dated by a respected laboratory: the Center for Applied Isotope Studies, University of Georgia. The scientist Alexander Cherkinsky directed the pretreatment and processing of the dinosaur bones, using the Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS), the most advanced kind of equipment for radiocarbon dating.

Reaction from Scientists

The facility that did the carbon-14 radiometric dating has refused to date any more dinosaur bones, although they have not given any reason for the shocking young ages that they have given. In 2014, the director of the facility, Jeff Speakman, was told that they had unknowingly dated dinosaur fossils and that Biblical young-earth creationists were publicizing the results to demonstrate that dinosaurs lived much more recently than was commonly thought.

That was the end of dinosaur dating at the Center for Applied Isotope Studies, University of Georgia. Anything that suggests recent living dinosaurs does not fit well with many scientists, apparently, even with scientists who did the preparations and carbon-14 dating of dinosaur bones themselves. So if you happen to uncover any dinosaur bones in you basement, don’t bother sending them to the University of Georgia; they have had their fill of young dinosaurs.


Carbon-14 Shows Dinosaurs Lived Recently

So why is this discovery not heralded in Western newspapers worldwide? After all, the censorship was only in that one conference, in 2012, in Singapore, right? Wrong. These scientists have been blocked from giving presentations elsewhere, including the 2009 North American Paleontological Convention, and the American Geophysical Union in both 2011 and 2012.

C-14 Dating Dinosaurs

The carbon-14 (14C) method of dating biological material was developed by the American physicist Willard Libby in the mid-20th century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that achievement. This scientific method for determining ages of specimens is also called radiocarbon dating, abbreviated RC.

Radiometric Dating of Dinosaur Bones

It was two chairmen of the Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting in Singapore, a five-day conference held in August of 2012. They apparently gave no objection, during the conference, to any of the materials presented by the Paleochronology group.

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