Bears die from . . . chocolate

The two adult female black bears and two cubs were all found dead. The culprit behind their deaths? Chocolate.

A bear expert in New Hampshire is now suggesting hunters not use chocolate as bait for hungry bears. The four deaths around September of 2014 were from quite a feast, however: forty pounds of chocolate and donuts.

Theobromine is the chemical in chocolate that is to blame, although its danger is much greater to animals like dogs than to humans. To threaten life, however, it needs to be ingested in large quantities, much larger than can be found in one or two candy bars. In fact, you’re probably safe eating several bars of chocolate, unless you’re a Chihuahua.

If bears are as susceptible to theobromine poisoning as dogs, you better not feed candy bars to your pet Grizzly . . . unless, of course, he’s been getting way out of hand lately and the local zoo is filled up with Grizzly bears.


black bear

Black Bear



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