Professors Versus Modern Flying Dinosaurs

The extinction of all species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs has been taken for granted for generations of Americans; ask any kindergartner. But a recent survey of biology professors has revealed some doubt about pterosaur extinctions.

Not All Biology Professors Fight Modern Flying Dinosaurs

A recent survey of biology professors in the USA reveals not all of them are completely convinced that all species of pterosaurs became extinct by 65 million years ago. Although less than 2% of the professors replied to the survey, the response to the question of the possibility of modern living pterosaurs ranged from 0% to 5%, averaging 1.5%.

Jonathan Whitcomb, of Long Beach, California, administered the survey to biology professors to learn how many of them were aware of the research and expeditions that he and his associates had conducted, and how sure those professors were about extinction of all species of pterosaurs. He concluded that most biologists have no desire to become involved in the controversy.

One anonymous biology professor, however, made it clear that he hoped one species had survived: “I would LOVE it if there were living pterosaurs. That would simply be one of the coolest things ever, like finding a Coelacanth.”

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