Pterosaur Sightings in Cuba

(KSN News) On May 3, 2011, Patty Carson reported her 1965 encounter with a strange flying creature at the Guantanamo Bay military station in Cuba, the same area where U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn reported his encounter with two “pterodactyls” in 1971.

Two pterosaurs in Cuba, sketched by Eskin Kuhn, an eyewitness

Eskin Kuhn, 1971

In the words of the artist who sketched the two pterosaurs that he had observed in Cuba:

“It was a beautiful, clear summer day . . . most of the platoon was in the new barracks ‘hanging out.’ I was looking in the direction of the ocean when I saw an incredible sight. It mesmerized me! I saw two pterosaurs . . . flying together  . . . perhaps 100 feet [high], very close in range from where I was standing, so that I had a perfectly clear view of them.”


Patty Carson, 1965

“We were walking down near the boat yards, headed home. We lived at the end of the road, last house, by the radio tower We were walking through that scrub area, and suddenly it [the “pterodactyl”] sat up, as if it had been eating something or resting. . . . right in front of us about thirty feet away. . . . I looked at his [Eskin Kuhn’s] drawing, and if I had to make any changes I would make the tail maybe six inches shorter and the wings maybe 10% longer, maybe even 15%, but the proportions of the head are very good, and the body and the hind legs are exactly as I remember.”

Pterosaurs in Cuba (Kuhn’s 1971 sighting at Guantanamo Bay)

Jonathan Whitcomb interviewed Eskin Kuhn, in 2010, by telephone.” He had no warning I would call, which helped me to judge his credibility by asking him questions on the spot. He proved himself perfectly, giving no hint of any possibility of any hoax. So what did he experience that would cause anybody to doubt him? In 1971, at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba, this U.S. Marine, in clear daylight and in close range, he saw two large long-tailed pterosaurs, each with a large head-crest.”