“Try Explaining Airplanes to a Pterodactyl”

Another pterosaur has flown into news reports, this one, called “ropen,” is reported to fly at night in Papua New Guinea. The glow reported to come from the ropen has been compared with the flying Marfa Lights of Texas.

The blog post about the glowing flying creature of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, mentions years of expeditions in which many native eyewitnesses were interviewed. Their testimonies were deemed credible and were compared with those of an Austalian and an American, who had also described a long-tailed featherless flying creature in Papua New Guinea.

The strangeness of modern glowing pterosaurs was compared to the strangeness of the technological developments of human aviation: “I think it far easier for humans to believe in modern bioluminescent pterosaurs . . . than for those pterosaurs to believe in non-winged humans flying around the world. Try explaining airplanes to a pterodactyl.” (quoted from the post by the American cryptozoology author Jonathan David Whitcomb: “Umboi Island Expeditions”)

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