Pterosaur Reported in Georgia, U.S.A.

An anonymous eyewitness reported a large pterosaur that flew in front on her car as she was driving on a highway east of Winder, Georgia.

She had driven less than ten miles [from Winder], just leaving an area of pasture, entering an area of thick woods, around a mild downhill curve . . . when an animal suddenly flew from the right, just over the front of her car. . . . She was stunned . . . It was the tail; she looked up at a “very long” tail that had a strange shape at the end. . . . “Dive-bombing my car,” is how she described the flight path, as it crossed the highway in front of and slightly above her. “Curved, like a hammer,” is how she described the head, which had a crest that she thought was “solid, not feathery at all.”

The eyewitness was interviewed by the American cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb.

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