Smithsonian Blog Post Blasts Potential Discoverers of Living Pterosaurs

(KSN) According to Wikipedia, “The Smithsonian Institution was founded for the ‘increase and diffusion’ of knowledge.” But a blog post on the Smithsonian site seems to condemn any person involved with searching for living dinosaurs or living pterosaurs. The author of the post, Brian Switek, mentions “hucksters,” “overly-credulous wildlife enthusiasts,” and “showmen,” not mentioning names at first. When he does mention names, they are “Jim Blume” and “David Woetzel,” and he dismisses them because they are “creationist explorers.” Switek’s post is evaluated on another blog: “Ropen Dismissed by Smithsonian.”

At the end of the Smithsonian blog post, after seeming to condemn anyone who has searched for living pterosaurs, Switek admits the possibility that a long-tailed pterosaur might still be living.

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