More Light on Marfa Lights

(KSN) This remote semi-desert area in southwest Texas has become famous for the Marfa Lights, strange flying and dancing lights that return several times each year. Edson Hendricks, a scientist living in California, is reported to have related the following about a sighting he had in February, 1991:

“I was puzzled by this light, but I had not yet been able to decide whether I might be seeing another automobile headlight.  And then, as I stared with great surprise, the light divided into two separate lights which continued to move southward and gradually drew apart. . . . As I continued to watch what was now a pair of lights, the leftmost one (to the south) flickered a bit, quickly increased brightness, and divided again.  At the same moment, the rightmost light of the original pair (to the north) abruptly changed direction, began to move away to the north accelerating to a speed much greater than any automobile headlights I’d observed earlier . . .”

Another scientist in California, Jonathan Whitcomb, has suggested the possibility that Marfa Lights are caused by large bioluminescent flying predators.

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