Bored Teens and Cryptozoology

(KSN) It may not be for all teenagers, but for at least a few of them one cure for boredom is active involvement in cryptozoology, in particular living-pterosaur investigations. In the nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America (second edition), two young investigators have become passionately active in flying cryptids: Peter Theiss of Florida and Phillip O’Donnell of Oregon.

Twelve-year-old Peter Theiss interviewed an eyewitness who had witnessed an apparent living pterosaur flying over a neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Teenager Phillip O’Donnell, himself an eyewitness of a strange winged creature a few years earlier, wrote his own cryptozoology book: Dinosaurs, Dead or Alive. Both those young men have some of their experiences recorded in Jonathan Whitcomb’s cryptozoology book.

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