Strange Cases of Missing Children

The nonfiction Missing 411 Western United States & Canada, by the investigative journalist David Paulides, documents many strange missing-persons cases that were never solved. New investigations in cryptozoology now reveal an explanation for some of the cases. Four American cryptozoologists have explored jungles in Papua New Guinea, during the past fourteen years: Paul Nation of Texas […]

Nonextinct Pterosaurs in Australia

(In a Nutshell) Pterosaur in Australia Western Australia “My husband and I both sighted a huge creature flying over a densely populated area, while we were out walking one night in Perth, Western Australia on the coastline around 10:30 pm . . . it had a long tail and a wingspan that we estimated at […]

“Try Explaining Airplanes to a Pterodactyl”

Another pterosaur has flown into news reports, this one, called “ropen,” is reported to fly at night in Papua New Guinea. The glow reported to come from the ropen has been compared with the flying Marfa Lights of Texas. The blog post about the glowing flying creature of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, mentions years […]

Smithsonian Blog Post Blasts Potential Discoverers of Living Pterosaurs

(KSN) According to Wikipedia, “The Smithsonian Institution was founded for the ‘increase and diffusion’ of knowledge.” But a blog post on the Smithsonian site seems to condemn any person involved with searching for living dinosaurs or living pterosaurs. The author of the post, Brian Switek, mentions “hucksters,” “overly-credulous wildlife enthusiasts,” and “showmen,” not mentioning names […]

Mine Explosion in New Zealand

On Friday, November 19, 2010, workers were trapped after a mine explosion in New Zealand. A robot was dispatched, but it broke down before reaching the men. (CNN) A second robot has arrived at the site of a coal mine in New Zealand where an explosion trapped 29 workers underground, police said. But police officials […]