North Korea Leader Dies

This past weekend Kim Jong Il, known in his country as “dear leader” and strict ruler of communist North Korea, died of a heart attack at the age of sixty-nine. One of his sons appears to be in place to succeed him. CNN Kim Jong Il had led North Korea since 1994, when his father […]

First American Death in Japan Disaster

The first American known to have died from the recent natural disasters in Japan has been identified. Taylor Anderson, a 24-year-old teacher from Richmond, Virginia, is mourned by family back home. “She was last seen after the powerful earthquake struck Japan on March 11, riding her bike away from the school where she taught after helping […]

China Talks With India

Broad minded communication could help heal old wounds as leaders of the two most-populous countries in the world met in December, 2010. (People Forum) Premier Wen arrived [in India] with some 400 Chinese business leaders in fields ranging from banking to real estate. . . . [China and India] cooperate in many areas and make great efforts to […]

Chinese Leader Surprised by Jet Test

During the visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, appeared surprised to learn that the Chinese military had just conducted a test of their new stealth fighter. (NY Times, Jan 11, 2011) Staging the test flight of the long-secret J-20 while Mr. Gates was in Beijing amounted to an unusually bold show […]

North Korea Attacks An Island

(Wall Street Journal) On Thursday, some residents returned to assess the damage on the battered island, which lies about 10 kilometers south of the North Korean coast and is also home to a South Korean marine base. Most of the 1,200 civilian inhabitants had been evacuated the day before. The North’s barrage Tuesday—a rare blow […]