Was a Pterodactyl Shot During the American Civil War?

By cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah Much confusion has come from publicity involving two photographs that, on the surface, greatly resemble each other. The following shows them side by side for comparison: Figure-1: Authentic original photograph on the left and the recent hoax-photo on the right The one on the left, labeled “Ptp,” […]

Chess does not take a holiday in Holladay, Utah (by chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb)

At least when school is in session, the royal game does not take a holiday in this community up against the mountain foothills in the eastern Salt Lake Valley. It’s no news that chess has been promoted at Morningside school, with active annual participation in Utah’s state elementary school championship. Chess instructor Jonathan Whitcomb, who photographed […]

Scientific Dating and Young Dinosaurs

A number of pieces of dinosaur bones found in North America have been dated in recent years. So how many millions of years old are those fossils? Well, they’re not actually that old, apparently, dated at tens of thousands of years old, according to carbon-14 testing. Scientific dating that shows that some dinosaurs are young? […]

Bears die from . . . chocolate

The two adult female black bears and two cubs were all found dead. The culprit behind their deaths? Chocolate. A bear expert in New Hampshire is now suggesting hunters not use chocolate as bait for hungry bears. The four deaths around September of 2014 were from quite a feast, however: forty pounds of chocolate and […]

Strange Cases of Missing Children

The nonfiction Missing 411 Western United States & Canada, by the investigative journalist David Paulides, documents many strange missing-persons cases that were never solved. New investigations in cryptozoology now reveal an explanation for some of the cases. Four American cryptozoologists have explored jungles in Papua New Guinea, during the past fourteen years: Paul Nation of Texas […]