Professors Versus Modern Flying Dinosaurs

The extinction of all species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs has been taken for granted for generations of Americans; ask any kindergartner. But a recent survey of biology professors has revealed some doubt about pterosaur extinctions. Not All Biology Professors Fight Modern Flying Dinosaurs A recent survey of biology professors in the USA reveals not all […]

Wikipedia off by 42 Million

Apparently not all mistakes on Wikipedia are minor. The allegorical novel The Alchemist, by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, has sold twenty-three million copies worldwide, not sixty-five million, as was recently proclaimed on Wikipedia. It exaggerated by forty-two million. The Alchemist . . . much of the story is about a shepherd boy’s travels far […]

The Hobbit – The Movie

The upcoming Hobbit movies will feature some familiar figures: Orlando Bloom will again play legolas; Sir Ian McKellen, Gandalf; and Elijah Wood, Frodo Baggins. Other interesting participants should include: Beorn – Mikael Persbrandt Bilbo Baggins – Martin Freeman Goblin King – Barry Humphries Thorin – Richard Armitage The two films, in epic fantasy genre, directed by Peter Jackson, […]

First Human in Space

Fifty years ago today, Yuri Gagarin, of the U.S.S.R., became the first human to be launched into space, electrifying the world and shocking the Soviet Union’s major competitor, the United States of America. The Russian pilot circled the earth in one orbit, in a Vostok spacecraft, to be precise the Vostok 3KA, which had flown in […]

No Caffeine in Chocolate

Many web sites state that chocolate contains caffeine, albeit in small amounts. But a scientific study shows otherwise. (xocoatl) The Biochemist, (Apr/May 1993, p 15) did chemical composition tests where they specifically distinguished between Caffeine and Theobromine. They found regularly up to 1.3% by weight Theobromine in Chocolate. They also found other pharmacologically active compounds […]